“I cannot thank Dr Niall Jennings enough for all the advice and support he has given me. His encouragement over the years has guided me in my career and lead me to obtain my ideal practice. I am so grateful and forever in my debt to him.”

Dr. Orla Dunford, April 2018

“I would wholeheartedly recommend Niall Jenning’s help to any colleague seeking to sell a practice. His insight and experience both as a fellow Dentist and in practice sales is invaluable in preparing for a practice sale and in the negotiating process. Niall has seen most of the pitfalls that can bedevil a sale and he can really reduce the stress of what can be a fraught business. His many years of successfully assisting colleagues in combining finding the best possible buyer with achieving the best possible terms make him without equal in Ireland.”

Dr. Denis Coughlan, Jan 2018

“I recently completed a journey with Niall ending with subletting my Dublin practice with a licence to practice Dentistry, which in time will lead to a lease and sale of my practice.
I found Niall’s input invaluable. He has an in-depth knowledge of the dental profession and dental markets and of all issues related to the sale of or lease of a dental practice. I found his approach very professional and, at all times, he welcomed my input and gave sound advice as to what was viable and not so. He offered a complete package of document preparation for sale or lease of a practice and subsequently draft contracts ready to present to solicitors. At all stages/times during the process, Niall kept me fully informed as to where we were at and he dealt with all matters very promptly. The best compliment that I can offer is that in a few years’time when I will be selling my Midlands practice, I definitely will involve Niall in its disposal.”

Dr. Donal Fitzgibbon, Dec 2017

“I met Niall in 2010 when I was looking for opportunities to expand my dental practice. With Niall’s help, I purchased a second practice, integrated it with my existing set-up and commenced a successful expense-sharing arrangement with a colleague. In more recent times, Niall has overseen the recruitment of an additional dental surgeon.Niall has an extensive knowledge of the dental sector in Ireland. His advice and guidance have been invaluable to me in the restructuring and growth of our business. I would have no hesitation in recommending Niall’s professional services to a colleague.”

Dr. James Hamilton

“As a young practitioner with little or no experience in business or purchasing a dental practice, it was Dr. Jennings who gave me invaluable, comprehensive advice and guidance to ensure a smooth transition and purchase.”

Dr. Marian Cottrell

“Dr Niall Jennings has a vast knowledge of Dentistry in Ireland, both as a practitioner himself and also from being involved in the Irish Dental Association and the Dental Council. He has considerable experience as a negotiator and is very much aware of the need from the outset of getting the “right fit” between a purchaser and vendor. I could not praise Dr Jennings enough.”

Dr. Jamie Maguire

“I’ve yet to meet anyone as well informed and resourceful as Niall in dental negotiating. His warmth, sense of humour and relaxed style always makes dealing with him easy.”

Dr. Darren Cromey

“I would highly recommend Niall as an intermediary / negotiator in the sale of a dental practice. He knows the profession and the business so well.”

Dr. Barry Cramer BDS

“Niall steered me in all the right directions during the purchase of my first practice. I would highly recommend his guidance.”

Dr. Jenny Dunne

“Niall stands for what is best in our profession. He always strives for the highest standards in Dentistry.”

Dr. Tom Houlihan

“Niall successfully mediated the purchase of my own dental practice. While it was often not immediately obvious what he had in mind when he engaged in the negotiating process, time would always show that it had, first and foremost, fairness to both parties involved at the outset of his thought processes. Is that not what we expect from an independent negotiator at the end of the day?”

Dr. Maher Kemmoona

“Niall can point out how to use the assets of your clinic efficiently and has a current perspective on Dentistry that will help a clinic grow, while still maintaining patients as the number one priority.”

Dr. Robert Wallace

“Niall brings clear thinking and practicality to all areas of his expertise. He has been a great mentor, an excellent innovator and has extensive knowledge of all things dental. As a Practice Manager, I have dealt with Niall on numerous occasions.”

Edelle Owens, Practice Manager

“Dr. Jennings offered great support throughout the journey of setting up my own practice and was always a phone call away when I needed his sound advice.”

Dr. Nicola Zammit

“I have worked with Dr. Niall Jennings on several projects, from buying my practice, renovations, compliance, hiring staff, staff contracts, legal issues and the changing demands of running a dental practice. I have found Niall to be very trustworthy, discreet, knowledgeable and very understanding of the different needs of various practices and practitioners. His time is well spent and very cost effective and well worth having, especially in changing times in Dentistry.”

Dr. Lisa Creaven

“My practice was a fresh start up and, 5 years later, I now have a thriving dental practice and I couldn’t thank Niall Jennings enough for all his guidance, support and expertise. I couldn’t recommend him enough.”

Dr. Sarah Enright

“I sold my practice in 2015. There could not have been a smoother transition with peace of mind for all the parties. I have no hesitation in saying that I attribute this to the skill, experience and invaluable knowledge and effort that Dr. Niall Jennings effected in the sale of my practice.”

Dr. Tony Connellan