Innovative Irish Dental Services is the brainchild of Dr. Niall Jennings BDS NUI Dip.C Dent. DU.

  • Irish Innovative Dental Services offers a specialised, independent, confidential service to the Dental profession in Ireland and in Northern Ireland.
  • We provide a comprehensive confidential service to Dentists wishing to purchase or sell a practice, relocate, re-evaluate their careers or join a practice as a Partner in an expense sharing capacity. For the younger graduate especially, Niall, with over 40 years’ experience, provides comprehensive and fully confidential up-to-date career guidance within the profession, including good associate positions.
  • We provide an individualised consultancy service to assist Dentists in the efficient running of a Dental Practice covering recruitment, marketing, software systems, compliance, financial analysis, assistance and direction, internal practice management and much more.

Since Dr. Jennings identified a niche in the market in 1996, with over twenty years in business, to date he has worked very closely with over ‘half’ of all private practices in Ireland. This frequently has led to a successful sale / transfer of ownership.

The main focus being on getting the “right fit” both personally and professionally between
vendor and purchaser, resulting in a win-win for all parties.

In fact, Innovative Irish Dental Services is the only business consultancy of its kind in Ireland offering such a full comprehensive confidential service – directing and guiding the whole process from the enquiry stage right through to a successful conclusion – and beyond if required.

You have taken the first step by checking us out… leave the rest to us. The first meeting, which takes approximately two hours, is completely free of charge and with no obligation.